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Title: Viscosity of Fe-Cu melts
Authors: Chikova, O. A.
Tsepelev, V. S.
Konstantinov, A. N.
V'yukhin, V. V.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Viscosity of Fe-Cu melts / O. A. Chikova, V. S. Tsepelev, A. N. Konstantinov [и др.] // Inorganic materials. — 2014. — Vol. 50, iss. 6. — P. 642-645.
Abstract: We have studied composition dependences of kinematic viscosity for Fe-Cu melts with the aim of determining the temperature and composition ranges where chemically inhomogeneous Fe-Cu melts exist. Measurements were performed during heating and cooling in the temperature range from 1550 to 1700A degrees C. Evidence has been found for chemical inhomogeneity of Fe-Cu melts in the form of both microheterogeneity and a nonuniform distribution of dissimilar atoms. We have determined the temperature and composition ranges of microheterogeneity in the phase diagram of the Fe-Cu system. The nonuniform Fe and Cu distributions have been accounted for in the quasi-chemical approximation of the theory of irregular solutions, which has been used to evaluate the short-range order parameter and integral enthalpy of mixing.
DOI: 10.1134/S0020168514060041
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