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Title: Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of Se and S in terms of the Patashinski model
Authors: Son, L.
Rusakov, G.
Katkov, N.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: SPRINGER
Citation: Son L. Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of Se and S in terms of the Patashinski model / L. Son, G. Rusakov, N. Katkov // New kinds of phase transitions: transformations in disordered substances. — 2002. — Vol. 81. — P. 295-306.
Abstract: The pressure - temperature phase diagrams of Se and S axe calculated. Both melting and polymorphous phase transition are described in the frames of statistical Patashinski model. The results axe in good agreement with experimental data of Brazhkin et. al.
Conference name: NATO Advanced Research Workshop on New Kinds of Phase Transitions - Transformations in Disordered Substances
Conference date: MAY 24-28, 2001
ISBN: 1-4020-0825-2
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