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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Physical properties of some Sn-based meltsSidorov, V.; Uporov, S.; Rozitsina, E.; Yagodin, D.; Grushevskij, K.; Ilinykh, N.
2011Magnetic susceptibility and parameters of electronic structure of Al2R (R = La, Ce, Sm, Gd, Dy, Ho, Yb) intermetallic compounds at high temperaturesUporova, N.; Uporov, S.; Sidorov, V.; Shunyaev, K.; Zakharov, R.; Petrova, S.
2012Density studies of liquid alloys Sn-Ag and Sn-Zn with near eutectic compositionsYagodin, D.; Sidorov, V.; Janickovic, D.; Svec, P.
2012Correlation between diffraction and viscosity data for Bi-Ga molten alloysMudry, S.; Yakymovych, A.; Shtablavyi, I.; Sidorov, V.; Shunyaev, K.
2011Some physical properties of Al-Sn-Zn meltsSidorov, V.; Drapala, J.; Uporov, S.; Sabirzyanov, A.; Popel, P.; Kurochkin, A.; Grushevskij, K.
2014Local chemical order in Al92Ce8 metallic glass: The role of 4f-electronsUporov, S.; Zubavichus, Y.; Yaroslavtsev, A.; Trofimova, N.; Bykov, V.; Ryltsev, R.; Pryanichnikov, S.; Sidorov, V.; Shunyaev, K.; Mudry, S.; Zhovneruk, S.; Murzakaev, A.
2014Magnetic susceptibility of CoFeBSiNb alloys in liquid stateSidorov, V.; Hosko, J.; Mikhailov, V.; Rozkov, I.; Uporova, N.; Svec, P.; Janickovic, D.; Matko, I.; Svec, P., Sr.; Malyshev, L.
2013The influence of silver content on structure and properties of Sn-Bi-Ag solder and Cu/solder/Cu jointsSebo, P.; Svec, P. Sr.; Janickovic, D.; Illekova, E.; Zemankova, M.; Plevachuk, Yu.; Sidorov, V.; Svec, P.
2015The Influence of Ga Additions on Electric and Magnetic Properties of Co47Fe21B21Si5Nb6 Alloy in Crystal and Liquid StatesSidorov, V.; Rojkov, I.; Mikhailov, V.; Svec, P.; Janickovic, D.
2015Nonergodicity in binary alloysSon, L.; Sidorov, V.; Popel, P.; Shulgin, D.