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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Paramagnetic Susceptibility of Bi-Mn Alloys in the Liquid StateUporov, S. A.; Uporova, N. S.; Sidorov, V. E.; Mikula, A.; Terzieff, P.
2009The Optical Properties of Al-8 at.% Ce Alloy in the Liquid, Amorphous, and Crystalline StatesAkashev, L. A.; Sidorov, V. E.
2010Magnetic susceptibility, electrical resistance, and density of Al62Cu25.5Fe12.5 alloy at high temperaturesGrushevskii, K. I.; Uporov, S. A.; Sidorov, V. E.; Prekul, A. F.
2011Magnetic susceptibility and parameters of electronic structure of al2rem (gd, dy, and ho) intermetallic compounds at high temperaturesUporova, N. S.; Uporov, S. A.; Sidorov, V. E.
2012Magnetic susceptibility of the Al-Ni-REM and Al-Ni-Co-REM alloysUporov, S. A.; Uporova, N. S.; Sidorov, V. E.; Belityukov, A. L.; Lad'yanov, V. I.; Men'shikova, S. G.
2012Density, electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility of Sn-Bi alloys at high temperaturesSidorov, V. E.; Uporov, S. A.; Yagodin, D. A.; Grushevskii, K. I.; Uporova, N. S.; Samokhvalov, D. V.
2012High-temperature studies of the magnetic susceptibility of samarium and the Al2Sm compoundUporova, N. S.; Uporov, S. A.; Sidorov, V. E.
2012New types of lead-free solders and their propertiesDrapala, J.; Petlak, D.; Malcharczikova, J.; Vodarek, V.; Konecna, K.; Smetana, B.; Zla, S.; Kostiukova, G.; Seidlerova, J.; Lasek, S.; Madaj, M.; Kroupa, A.; Urbanek, J.; Dusek, K.; Sedlacek, J.; Sidorov, V. E.
2010Magnetic susceptibility of Al-Co-R (R = Ce, Dy) glass-forming alloys at high temperaturesUporov, S. A.; Uporova, N. S.; Sidorov, V. E.; Shunyaev, K. Yu.
2011Magnetic susceptibility of Al2RE compounds in crystal and liquid statesUporova, N. S.; Uporov, S. A.; Sidorov, V. E.