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Title: New types of lead-free solders and their properties
Authors: Drapala, J.
Petlak, D.
Malcharczikova, J.
Vodarek, V.
Konecna, K.
Smetana, B.
Zla, S.
Kostiukova, G.
Seidlerova, J.
Lasek, S.
Madaj, M.
Kroupa, A.
Urbanek, J.
Dusek, K.
Sedlacek, J.
Sidorov, V. E.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: TANGER LTD
Citation: New types of lead-free solders and their properties / J. Drapala, D. Petlak, J. Malcharczikova [и др.] // 21st international conference on metallurgy and materials (METAL 2012). — 2012. — . — P. 1455-1466.
Abstract: The aim of this work is an experimental study of lead-free solders. Ternary and binary alloys with different ratios of individual elements Ag, Al, Bi, Cu, In, Mg, Sb, Sn and Zn were prepared experimentally. The study of low-fusing solder alloys was performed with the aspect of observing their selected physical, chemical, structural and technological properties. The following characteristics were studied: temperatures and enthalpies of phase transformations (DTA, TG, DSC) of individual solders at the rates of re-heating and cooling of specimens of about 4 degrees C/min, macro-and micro-structural analysis (optical metallography), micro-hardness, chemical analysis: ICP-AES, optical emission spectrometry (OES), X-ray micro-analysis of individual phases in the structure of solders (WDX, EDX), measurement of density and electrical resistivity of selected solders in dependence on the temperature, test of wettability with or without use of fluxes, measurement of corrosion properties.
Conference name: 21st International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials
Conference date: MAY 23-25, 2012
ISBN: 978-80-87294-31-4
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